When I become councilman my first priority will be to deputize a representative from each community as a volunteer staff member of my office. When community issues are brought up, the community representative will have the authority of my office to address that issue at the department it needs to be addressed at. Of course, I will give my full support to any issue to improve the quality of life of a community.

We will have monthly meetings to meet with all of the communities as I’m already doing. We will have discussions about legislation. We will have discussions about the performance of various departments effecting our communities. We will have discussions on each pertinent topic of the times.

All of this information is going to be recorded so we can monitor the progress throughout each of the four years of my administration. From community to community we can track the progress or failures in any one community. We will make a plan to address them. We will work closely with each department to increase our cooperation and effectiveness.

Through this historic level of community involvement, we will ensure the greatest attention to detail, transparency and direct access to government our communities have ever been witness to.

Your participation is necessary to ensure this great democracy. If you want your community to have the greatest ability it has ever had to be involved in the processes affecting it, vote Dave Rader.

Dave Rader