Family & Friends

It All Starts Here

Family and friends make the world. Every day the Raders create, share and nourish thoughtfulness, joy and prayer.

Being married for 11 years and raising two children proves that with commitment and communication come amazing things.

Dave’s wife, kids, mother, father, grandparents and family are completely behind his effort to protect our communities.


Community Volunteer

Serving The Community

Dave has been a volunteer of the community for many years serving as president of The 7th District Civic Council and Norwood-Holabird Community Association, he understands what makes a community and what families need to thrive. He adds “good neighbors are the number one reason I love Dundalk.”

His grandparents, who raised him, taught him civic mindedness early on. From painting stop signs and cleaning our streets to shoveling the neighbors snow and helping with Citizens On Patrol to keep our neighborhoods safe.

The value community and faith based volunteers bring to this world must not be underestimated.


Active C.O.P.

Active C.O.P. & P.C.R.C. Attendee

Police have an incredibly tough job. They are the front lines of the law and need the support of the communities they serve. After all, they are here for us, we need to be there for them.

Dave started a Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P.) group in his community after completing the training at Precinct 12 located in Dundalk. His C.O.P. strategy has been to help make the community safer while ensuring every individuals right to privacy.

C.O.P. is a valuable tool to take back our communities from drug infestation and bridge the those who put their lives on the line with the very communities they serve.


Work Experience

Technology & Education

As a computer and I.T. lab manager, Dave has worked for over 10 years at a family owned business in Baltimore County. Ensuring critical maintenance while balancing constant workloads are second nature.

Part of his work also entails visits to schools throughout Baltimore and surrounding areas providing a wide view of educational atmospheres. While at the schools, he educates volunteers, teachers and students on specialized software.

Dave also worked at CCBC Dundalk & Essex in the past as a work-study, tutor and eventually teacher. If it weren’t for the necessity and his love of community volunteerism, he would still be using the latter part of his day teaching part time at CCBC.