My name is Dave Rader. I’m running for Baltimore County Council right here in District 7. I’m also the chairman of the 7th District Civic Council and the chairman of Norwood-Holabird Community Association.

Tonight, I’m here speaking with you as the candidate for Baltimore County Council, but also as a father, husband, and neighbor. I’ve lived in Dundalk my whole life and plan to continue living here to raise my two young children with my lovely wife. As a parent, I’m concerned for the future of our children. They already suffer from seasonal allergies. We have friends and family living locally with asthma, lung cancer and other breathing problems.

We have some of the highest averages for asthma and cancer in our State. Can I please see a show of hands? How many people know someone locally who has asthma? Please keep your hand up. How many people know someone with cancer? How many people know someone with another breathing issue? Thank you.

Our water is also so polluted the Maryland Department of Environment recommends that we do not eat multiple types of local fish.

If anyone thinks we can sit idly by and this problem will get better on its own, they’re simply wrong. Even worse; if anyone thinks we can add to this problem and it just will not matter, they’re fools and they’re putting everyone’s lives at risk.

There must be public accountability for any operation that involves the health and welfare of our communities. I oppose adding any more crushers to this site unless measures are taken to monitor pollutants off-site. I request we put up air pollution monitors at elementary schools and senior housing close to the site and a few miles away for a wide array of data.


Dave Rader