Dear Mr. Redmer,

               In reference to your Facebook post July 26, 2018 characterizing constituent services in Baltimore County having “gone the way of the Dodo bird,”- I can’t agree with you enough.

               As an East Side resident like you, a constituent reached out to me via Facebook sending the vilest and most vulgar video display of behavior by a Councilman’s Constituent Aide in Baltimore County history.

               Like you, the constituent’s hope was after receiving no reply when sending it to the councilman, that I possess the character, courage and leadership needed to bring proper recognition and recourse to the situation.

               Two scathing articles in the press later; there was not one mention, nor comment or recognition of the event. There was certainly no termination of the Aide, as Republican Delegate Ric Metzgar suggested publicly.

               Therefore, I will be standing up as candidate Rader for that constituent who was victimized first by the Aide’s aggression and then by the silent system failing him.

               Like your administration, under a Rader administration, “we will change the culture of county government with a renewed focus on constituent service, and we will ensure that ALL communities receive the same high-quality level of prompt, responsive service, regardless of zip code.”

David Rader II
Baltimore County Council Candidate 7th District


Earlier this week I said that customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird in Baltimore County. Yesterday our…

Posted by Al Redmer Jr on Thursday, July 26, 2018