Multiple people have expressed a desire to learn of the Primary Candidate to Write-In process. I answer that call with a detailed instruction set.

These instructions are strictly for those who ran in the primary race and want to continue on as a write-In Candidate

You’ve already filed all of your paperwork once since you ran in the primary. You only need to do a few things now as a write-in.

Complete both of these forms (even if you’ve done it before):

  1. Certificate of Candidacy – Write In Candidate General Election:
  2. Candidate Information Sheet

File both forms at the Baltimore County Board of Elections

Baltimore County Board of Elections
11112 Gilroy Rd, Hunt Valley, MD 21031

> Must be filed by 5:00pm on the 7th day preceding the start of early voting of the general election.
Better sooner than later – you never know what hiccup might mess things up.

That’s it! Call the local board of elections for any more questions: (410) 887-5700


More Helpful Tips

•  You’ll need to follow these instructions for obtaining your votes!
    There are also other important rules in the link above.

• More Write-In Tips for Voters

•  All Candidacy Forms:

• Maryland Election Law section §5–706 forbids anyone who did not obtain the nomination of their party during the primary to run as a petition candidate, only a write in.

• You do not have to pay the filing fee a second time!


This list has been compiled, because the information is scattered about on the Baltimore County website.

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I am not an employee of Baltimore County and the advice here is expressed solely for your convenience with no guarantees. The above instructions and about a half hour at the Election Board were all I needed for Write-In candidacy completion. For complete assurance on the latest Baltimore County election policy, call (410) 887-5700.