The People VS. Corporate Welfare

            Do billionaires really need poor people’s money to be successful? Or is taking their money just part of the new successful business model?

            Billionaires are about to try and convince you they need up to 150 million taxpayer dollars! 1 They don’t want to take the risk – they want the public to take it!

            The richest people in this country already own an incredibly disproportionate amount of it and that ownership by the 1% has been growing.2 While worker productivity has been steadily increasing for many years their earnings have either decreased or at best leveled out.3 We’re working harder and getting paid less.

            Now, the oligarchy wants we, the people to pay even more for their endeavors!

            Are their business models really so weak that they rely on public funding of their operations? Personally, I’m convinced engineering your business model around public funding is the greatest scam of the 21st century so far.

            The method of obtaining taxpayer dollars being used by the company is “TIF” – Tax Incremental Financing and was developed in California – It is now outlawed there, because they found it to be abused and it’s abused here too. The incumbent, Crandell has worked to set up this flawed and outlawed TIF for Trade Point Atlantic.

            Baltimore County is scraping around for failing and overpopulated schools. If we have 150 million for a private business, but don’t have 150 million for our children, the system is clearly corrupt. 4