The Issues

The water is so polluted, we can’t even eat the fish. The air is so bad we have breathing issues. We must address the serious environmental concerns for the safety of everyone, especially our children and seniors. These are long term issues, but the time to stop them is now.

The opioid epidemic is seriously underestimated. It destroys families, companies and neighborhoods. We MUST get a grasp on this.


We will put government power directly into the hands of our neighborhoods, all 7th District community associations will have the opportunity for a resident to serve as their  councilman’s office volunteer.  


All community  leaders will have a seat at the local monthly meeting  to discuss the legislation  before  voting in Towson.



The Issues

We must stop selling off park land! It is OUR land not to be stolen from our children in secret meetings. Once it’s sold to private interests, it’s gone forever. We must protect our public property!

School safety can be enormously improved. A moment of prayer or thought can set a better tone for each day. Increased parent involvement and retired military volunteers can be of enormous help.